Wilmington, NC

Waste Handling & Chemical Spill Cleanup in Wilmington, NC

Waste Handling Wilmington NC
Wilmington is a port city and it is located in coastal southeastern North Carolina. According to the United States Census the population was 112,067 in 2010. It is the eighth most populated city in the state. Wilmington is home to a variety of businesses, schools, museums and historical areas. This includes the Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington Railroad Museum and Sunset Park Historic District.

Eastern Environmental Management provides chemical spill cleanup for Wilmington, NC. Chemical spills are very dangerous and should be handled with care. We have emergency response vehicles that are equipped to handle chemical spills. We also offer a variety of industrial and remedial services. This includes waste handling, landfill cleaning, facility decontamination and asbestos abatement. Please contact us if your facility needs decontamination services. It is important to make sure that your facility is clean and ready to use.

Please call us if you have any questions about our industrial and remedial services.

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