Industrial Services

Facility Decontamination

EEM conducts full facility decontamination projects on a regular basis for a wide range of industries. Much of this activity is conducted during scheduled plant maintenance and shut down related services. However, if issues arise requiring unscheduled decontamination services, EEM is available.

Reports and Permitting

EEM's well-trained and experienced personnel are fully versed in generating compliance applications and quantitative reports in multi-media environmental fields.

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Industrial Services
Applications include:
  • Air Quality Permits
  • Water Quality Permits
Industrial Waste Handling
Quantitative reports include:
  • Quarterly, semi-annual & annual emissions inventories
  • Risk management planning
  • DMRs
  • Pretreatment
  • Storm water
  • Spill prevention control & countermeasure
  • Bio-solid management
  • CRTK
  • Form R
Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Drum Disposal

EEM handles a wide range of hazardous and nonhazardous drums for disposal, including solid, semi-solid, sludge, liquids, corrosives, flammables and acidic drums to be disposed of through fuel blending or incineration. EEM is equipped to handle damaged, leaking and odd-sized drums, we can also arrange for pick-up and recycling of empty poly and metal drums.

Laboratory Chemical Packaging and Removal

EEM has trained professionals who perform lab pack related services. Lab packs are considered containers five gallons or less containing waste material typically from testing, R&D and analytical laboratories.

Chemical services are performed on a regular basis and can include the decontamination, closure or re-location of an entire Lab and/or Company. Generally, segregation, sampling (if necessary), packaging, loading, transportation and disposal are common to projects of this type.

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