Chemical Spill Cleanup

Eastern Environmental Management is considered to be one of the premier response facilities covering all of North Carolina and southern Virginia. With locations from Greensboro to Elizabeth City to Wilmington, we are positioned for immediate response.

EEM responds to a number of emergency requests each week. Every response has its own set of risks. EEM personnel are fully trained and are highly experienced in attending to spills of varying magnitudes. From truck and/or tanker incidences, to ruptured tanks, leaking lines, leaking drums, leaking cylinders, train derailments and leaking rail cars requiring assessment, maintenance and repair. 

Serving Wilmington NC, Greensboro NC  & All Surrounding Areas

24 Hour Spill Response Sign
Spill Response Cleanup
Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation & Disposal

Our day-to-day operation involves the proper management, packaging, identification, labeling, loading, transportation and disposal of a wide assortment of materials. EEM also provides materials classifications for proper characterization of your products and materials.

Chemical Spill Cleanup

EEM's emergency response vehicles are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), pumps, various equipment and supplies to handle a wide variety of chemical spills. Our emergency response equipment trailers are stocked with pumps, valves, repair kits, PPE, and containment supplies to handle responses on land, rail, and waterways.

24-Hour Emergency Chemical Spill Cleanup Services

Vac Truck/Tanker & Water Blasting Services

EEM's fleet of stainless steel, DOT regulated vac trucks and tankers are equipped to handle corrosives, hydrocarbons, waste oil and industrial by-products. Our vac truck is also equipped with bag filtration for handling dry products. With our 15,000 PSI water (jet) blasting equipment or sewer jet equipment (60GPM). EEM can clean any size tank or line (industrial, drain, evaporator, etc.).

EEM Emergency Spill Response Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call 866-443-2225 or 252-443-2224. We will respond!
Waste Handling Crew
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