Goldsboro, NC

Welcome to Goldsboro, NC, home of nearly 40,000 people!  If you are new to Goldsboro, you will find a community of friendly people who love enjoying the beautiful weather. Goldsboro, NC is also a great place for commercial and industrial business. If your project runs the risk of chemical spills, it is important to have a company ready to respond quickly and efficiently.  Our spill contractors are here for you if you have any chemical spills and need cleanup. We love keeping our city clean for all the wonderful people who are living and visiting here!
waste handling
Eastern Environmental Management LLC

Spill clean, waste handling & more!

Maybe you don't have an emergency chemical spill, but you have general waste from a construction project that needs to be taken care of. Not a problem for us! We also specialize in waste handling services. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle the job in a safe and efficient way to benefit the safety of everyone involved. 

Remember, we want to keep Goldsboro as clean and safe as possible. When it comes to spills and waste, we know what to do. Give us a call and we will take it from there! You may not need us now, but take down our number in case of an emergency spill.  252-231-2031 (24 Hrs.)
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